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Company Profile

Shenzhen Ramos Digital Technology Co. Ltd., established in 2001, is a dedicated manufacturer of tablet MID, digital video and audio devices and emerging consumer electronic products. The company, formerly known as Sheng Xian Computer Co. Ltd., was mainly engaged in the development of computer technology and related products, but in 2004 successfully transformed to the consumer digital electronics industry, and has since become the industry leader, and the first  Tablet PC company to partner Intel Worldwide. Driven by our first-class Technical and marketing teams, our products are exported worldwide, and the company has a sustained annual groeth rate of over 20%.

Over the years, through continuous investment in research and development, Ramos’ digital products continuously improve. According to media sources Ramos’ brand has exceeded that of many international brands, and has been ranked in consecutive years as the company at the forefront of brand awareness. Several of our products have received media recommendations and professional awards, including the China Red star Design Award and other honours.

From our humble beginnings with 15 employees, Ramos has grown to a staff of over 500 to become one of the leading independent brands. In striving to continuously improve the quality of their products and after-sales service, Ramos opened their first branch in 2008 which is responsible for production and sales of Ramos digital products, and has achieved ISO 9001, National High-Tech Enterprises, and other relevant certification.
Development History
Ramos was founded
Ramos started to produce Mp3, Mp4
Released the first Ramos Tablet PC in October, four month before Apple ipad.
W10: The first cortex A9 Android Tablet PC in China
W17pro: The first dual core cortex A9 Android Tablet PC in China
Ramos became the first tablet ODM supplier for Intel Company
i8/i9/i10/i12 with Intel (Clover Trail+) Android Tablets were launched
i10pro: The first Android & Windows dual boot tablet based on Intel Bay Trail T